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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Greyhound Racing Today - Sunday August 27, 2017

Video of the Day
2002 Irish Greyhound Derby Final at Shelbourne Park 

An early look at Saturday's 3rd Round Derby Heats.

Irish Greyhound Derby 2nd Round Heats 9-16 recap. Clares Rocket storms to victory again. 

Dream Dude breaks a hock in second round of Derby Thursday.  

Win a dream greyhound weekend including the Irish Greyhound Derby Final!

Buy your three-day Derby Festival ticket for €30! 

Afternoon LIVE Greyhound Racing (all time's ET): 
Palm Beach 1:00pm, Wheeling 1:00pm, Orange Park 1:30pm, Iowa (Dubuque) 2:00pm and Pensacola 2:00pm.

Evening LIVE Greyhound Racing (all time's ET):        
Southland 5:00pm, Tri State 5:00pm, Wheeling 5:30pm and Flagler 7:00pm.

Daily Greyhound Racing News:

Flying Wolf Pack wins Southland Park $5,000 Best of the Best Hotbox Series Stakes #4. Replay: 

Ebro Greyhound Park Derby Stakes Round 3 results from Saturday evening Races 6 & 8 (Early Card) and Races (Late Card)

Palm Beach Kennel Club $20,000 Gallagher/Kinnaird Puppy Stakes Semi-Finals Monday afternoon. Program: 

Hkf Betty Lou starts new Derby Lane program off with surprising win. 

Birmingham Race Course racing statistics and kennel standings.

Derby Lane racing statistics: Kennel Standings: Best Times:

Flagler Dog Track Track racing statistics and kennel standings.

Iowa Greyhound Park kennel statistics and top dogs. 

Orange Park Kennel Club racing statistics and kennel standings.  

Palm Beach Kennel Club racing statistics and kennel standings.

Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club racing statistics and kennel standings.  

Southland Park racing statistics and kennel standings.

Wheeling Island Racetrack racing statistics and kennel standings.

FREE Picks and Tip Sheets:
Palm Beach Kennel Club Sunday matinee picks from Jeff Prince: 
Quinn's Quiniela Picks for Sunday afternoon at Palm Beach Kennel Club:

Orange Park Kennel Club Sunday matinee tip sheet:   

Iowa Greyhound Park Sunday matinee picks from GreyhoundNews:

Southland Park Sunday twilight picks from GreyhoundNews: 

Iowa Greyhound Park Sunday matinee picks from Randy Birch: 

Force Out Giveaway's and Jackpots:

Palm Beach Kennel Club Twin Tri forced out this afternoon. Jackpot starts at $9,739.88! Play in Races 5 and 7.

Orange Park Kennel Club Tri Super jackpot currently stands at $20,451.84 and growing! Play this afternoon in Races 6 and 8.

Twin Tri & Tri Super Force Out Schedule:
Track Contests and Specials:
Win $250.00 in racing wagers every Saturday & Sunday in Wheeling Island Racetrack Handicapping Contests!

Saturday August 26, 2017 Handle Totals (Track Reported):

Flagler (Matinee) $82,772.00 (Evening) $93,712.70 - Derby Lane (Matinee) $219,949.00 (Evening) $215,068.00 - Wheeling $224,440.86 (Evening) $40,140.72 - Palm Beach (Matinee) $419,963.00 (Evening) $195,391.00 - Sanford-Orlando (Matinee & Evening Not Reported) - Southland (Matinee) $241,218.80 (Evening) $218,551.00 - Tri State $153,882.90 - Daytona Beach (Matinee) $56,643.40 (Evening) $83,778.20 - Orange Park (Matinee) $195,795.00 (Evening) $184,922.00 - Pensacola (Matinee & Evening Not Reported) - Birmingham (Matinee) $45,593.20 (Evening) $55,578.80 - Ebro (Not Reported) - Iowa (Dubuque) $44,282.00

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