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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Greyhound Racing Today - Saturday January 6, 2018

Video of the Day
2017 Derby Lane Greyhound Racing 1925 Historical Inaugural Stakes Final

Afternoon LIVE Greyhound Racing (all time's ET): 
Naples-Ft. Myers 12:15pm, Sarasota 12:30pm, Derby Lane 12:30pm, Orange Park 12:35pm, Palm Beach 1:00pm, Melbourne 1:00pm, Wheeling 1:00pm (cancelled), Daytona Beach 1:05pm
, Sanford-Orlando 1:30pm
, Southland 2:00pm, Melbourne 3:00pm and Birmingham 3:00pm.  
Evening LIVE Greyhound Racing (all time's ET): 
Mardi Gras 5:00pm, Tri State 5:00pm, Wheeling 5:30pm (cancelled), Palm Beach 7:00pm, Naples-Ft. Myers 7:00pm, Gulf 7:00pm, Daytona Beach 7:25pm, Sarasota 7:30pm, Mardi Gras 7:30pm, Derby Lane 7:30pm, Sanford-Orlando 7:35pm, Orange Park 7:45pm, Birmingham 8:15pm and Southland 8:30pm.

Stakes Races:

Derby Lane Greyhound Racing $18,000 1925 Historical Inaugural Stakes Final this evening Race 10. Program: Watch LIVE:

Southland Park $25,000 Delta Course Derby Round 1 this afternoon Races 5, 8, 12 & 14. Program: Schedule:  Watch LIVE: 

Daily Greyhound Racing News:

Gulf Greyhound Park announcer John Paul Faour talks about why he loves the sport.

Alderson retirement brings racing dynasty to a close at Derby Lane Greyhound Racing. 

Gulf Greyhound Park's "Big Money Gambling" Podcast. New episode available, listen NOW!

New 2018 LIVE Racing schedule at Wheeling Island Racetrack.

Friday replay of Palm Beach Kennel Club's Backstretch Show with Mike Balsamo and Bennie The Boot.

FREE Picks and Tip Sheets: 

Palm Beach Kennel Club Saturday evening picks from Jeff Prince:  

Gulf Greyhound Park Park Saturday evening picks from GreyhoundNews: 

Quinn's Quiniela Picks for Saturday evening at Palm Beach Kennel Club: 

Southland Park Saturday picks from GreyhoundNews. Matinee: Evening:

Daytona Beach Kennel Club Saturday evening picks from "Post Time Perry"! 

Orange Park Kennel Club Saturday tip sheets. Matinee: Evening: 

Force Out Giveaways and Jackpot Carryovers:

Southland Park Tri Super forced out this afternoon. Jackpot starts at $8,434.32! Play in Races 12 and 14.

Daytona Beach Kennel Club Twin Tri forced out tonight. Jackpot starts at $1,199.99! Play in Races 3 and 5.

Derby Lane Greyhound Racing Twin Tri forced out tonight. Jackpot starts at $3,933.00! Play in Races 9 and 11.

Twin Tri & Tri Super Force Out Schedule:
Track Specials and Promotions:

$1 Beer, Hot Dogs & Soda tonight at Sarasota Kennel Club!

FREE Beach Umbrella Giveaway, $500 Cash Drawings with minimum wager and more this evening at Derby Lane Greyhound Racing! 

Surf & Turf only $26.95 tonight at Daytona Beach Kennel Club. Lobster Tail with Prime Rib.

$2 Draft Beer 7pm - 11pm Friday and Saturday night at Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club!

Friday January 5, 2017 Handle Totals (Track Reported):

Derby Lane (Matinee) $210,005.00 (Evening) $199,345.00 - Wheeling (Cancelled) - Palm Beach (Matinee) $526,210.00 (Evening) $303,915.00 - Sanford-Orlando (Matinee & Evening Not Reported) - Southland $351,734.70 - Tri State (Cancelled) - Daytona Beach $90,845.90 - Orange Park $297,440.00 - Birmingham $75,803.90 - Naples-Ft. Myers (Matinee) $201,833.00 (Twilight) (Evening) $125,513.00 - Sarasota (Matinee & Evening Not Reported) - Mardi Gras (Matinee Not Reported) (Evening) $249,312.30 - Melbourne (Not Reported)
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